President’s Message May 2018


President’s Message May 2018

Building the Legacy

Two matrimonies were recently held involving principals from New Mexico Racquetball.  In April, Sarah Shoemate and Conner Cameron came together at a private home in Albuquerque.  A month later, Aleisha Linsley and Jesse Greene joined hands at the Hyde Memorial Park in Santa Fe. 

Some anecdotes:

Sarah’s parents are Yolanda and David Shoemate.  David was a racquetball and handball player for    years.  His father, James, was one of the original owners of Tom Young’s Athletic Club.

Conner’s folks are Jan and Jim Cameron.  Jim is the most recognized teacher and coach of the court sports in New Mexico.

The Greene wedding took place during the Memorial Day weekend.  Aleisha is entering the US Navy.

Less than one week afterward, the Park and surrounding areas were closed due to fire danger.

Jesse is the eldest son of Patty and Jeffrey Greene (Patty, a board member and blast aficionado).

Aleisha was given away by a Viet Nam Vet.  To date, he deals with residual issues from Agent Orange.


Thanks to others:   Patricia Thieman (photographer), Rachel Kefauver (caterer), Gary Mazaroff (Official)

Upcoming events:

     June 14-17                   M & M Classic; Zach’s Club, Lubbock, TX  (deadline, June 9th)

     June 28-July 1              NM Games; Midtown Sports & Wellness—4 disciplines (deadline, June 23rd)

     July 20-22                     Taos Summer; Spa, Taos, NM  (deadline, 14th)

     August 28-Sept 1       34th IRF World Senior Rball; NM Sports & Wellness, Albq.  (deadline, Aug 10th)

     October 25-28             2nd Bi-National Event; Stout PFC—Ft Bliss; El Paso, Tx  (deadline Oct 10th)

     January 24-27 , ’19     1st Rocky Mountain Doubles Paddleball; Midtown Sports & Wellness, Albq.

For a full schedule, see


Quote of the month

‘That music has a certain aroma’  

  Fred Child