President’s message June/July


The New Mexico Games have been held in Albuquerque and other locales since 1989.  This Sporting Festival includes about 30 disciplines and began as a vehicle to prepare the communities for hosting the US Olympic Festival (now history).  In order to enhance energy levels, Racquetball piggybacked with Squash and Handball this year to attract over 90 participants.  For the third time in it’s history, a racquetball athlete was named  the NM Games ‘Athlete of the Year.’  Congratulations to Dominic Maestas, who also teamed with brother Raymond to capture the Gold in Open Doubles

New Mexico Racquetball has been fortunate to partner with some strong community organizations, including INTEL.  Recently it was accepted into their BENEVITY Program as a potential non-profit recipient of funding.
Benevity networks with businesses and organizations around the world for matching Gift and Volunteer Grants.  The theme is, ‘give back to those who give.’

MARK YOUR CALENDAR….August 29 to September 2, 2017.  The 33rd IRF World Senior Racquetball Championships will be held again in Albuquerque.  We currently are approaching 100 participants, with 10 countries represented.  Make hotel reservations with MCM Elegante  (505-884-2511).  Deadline to enter Is August 10th  (  Our commitment to the Olympic Dream Development Campaign will exceed $500,000 this year!


August 18-20           Meadow City; Montoya Rec Center, Las Vegas, NM
Deadline:  August 12
September 15-17   Racquetball University; ENMU Fitness Center,
Roswell, NM           Deadline:  September 9
September 29-        High Altitude Shootout; Pagosa Lakes Rec Center,
October 1         Pagosa Springs, CO          Deadline:  September 23

Quote of the month…..
‘                      Travel heavy with your bones; travel light with your
mind .’   Anon