President’s Message EOY 2017

EOY President’s Message

Reflections on the year, 2017!! Happy Holidays to All!!

Artesia opened up the new year with its annual Pecos Valley tournament.

We were fortunate to receive three annual grants totaling $4,000. Donors: Casa Dealerships (Mark & D’ette Wiggins),           Clara Mauritsen State Farm Insurance, & Thomas Budd Mucci; Attorney at Law.

The US High School National Championships and Intercollegiate Championships were held in Oregon and Arizona, respectively. New Mexico Racquetball was represented in both.

China (greater Shanghai area) was selected to host the IRF World Championships in 2018.

Dean Schear was appointed Director of WADA testing for the IRF (World anti-doping association).

UNM decided to postpone its reconstruction of the eight existing racquetball-handball courts until its next phase (projected in 15 years).

The 33rd edition of the IRF World Senior Championships was held in August in Albuquerque.                                                           There were over 200 registered players and 18 countries represented.

We met with President Shepard from WNMU regarding an upgrade of their existing four courts as well as scheduling a tournament in calendar year 2018 (Silver City, NM).

An El Paso tourney returned under NM Racquetball (1st in 25 years). Thanks to Gustavo Farell, who spearheaded it.          The  Bi-National Event was held Dec 8-10 at the Fort Bliss Stout PFC.

A service was held in Albuquerque for Dr. Robert Sanchez, who passed in late summer. He was the main cog in the renovation of Tom Young’s Athletic Club; creating a 10 court facility in 1976. In 1980 it expanded to 18 courts.                               It had over 2,000 court members in 1981.

Congratulations to Dr. Ronald Maestas, recently elected to the New Mexico Sports Hall of Fame.

New Mexico Racquetball completes its 40th year (1977-2017)!

Thank you for your service (NM Racquetball Board members):                                                                                                                                           Frank Alongi, Tim Blasiman (Secretary), Clay Childs (Atty), Peter Clarke, Ken Goldstein (VP), Patty Greene, Rick Kefauver, Terry Lauritsen, Mike Morales, Ken Payne (Treasurer), Dean Schear, Pat Thieman, Ralph Waddington (President Emeritus).


Quote of the month ‘Strive for progress; not perfection’ Lor