President’s Message – February 2018


President Message February2018

President’s Message February

Starting off Right!

The 2018 tournament season began the first week of the year in Artesia, NM. It was perhaps the finest display of racquetball prowess ever in this City of over 12,000 people! Players from El Paso to Albuquerque; Lubbock to Carlsbad, vied for prize money in all of the eight categories of play. Artesia puts pride in its infrastructure, keeping the downtown area clean and user friendly. It also has pride in its future, with college scholarships provided annually for a host of qualified high school seniors. The Racquet and Health Club, owned by Peyton Yates, is arguably the cleanest in the State of New Mexico.

Fast forward north to Los Alamos the last weekend of the month. The Family YMCA remains the only game in town for the court sports (racquetball-handball-squash). It hosted Back on the Hill, an annual event attracting a majority of players from Central New Mexico and the Espanola Valley. Players tried to negotiate the angles off of concrete walls at over 7300 feet above sea level. A personal ritual is to begin the day at the Starbuck’s Coffee House or neighbor Ruby K’s Bakery for a continental breakfast and a cup of bold & black. I always take the time to take a deep breath, close my eyes, and open them to question if I am really in New Mexico. I seek responses from Rod Serling (Twilight Zone) and Jim Morrison (The End), only to realize that each passed over forty years ago. Talk about clean! This town of also 12,000+ inhabitants has an ‘All in One Smiths Mega Center’, groceries/liquors/drugs, café, book store, town center, and perhaps the alternative City Hall under one roof. Take time to visit the iconic C.B. Fox Department Store on Central Avenue, a different shopping adventure.

This calendar year (check website) NM Racquetball will offer over 20 events. Albuquerque, the hub of activity will host about one-third of the events. The others are dispersed in cities like mentioned above, as well as those where one might think activity is sparse. We plan to re-ignite Taos and Pojoaque, cross the border into Lubbock in the summer, and energize Silver City for the first time.

This is in keeping with our Mission Statement—providing recreational and educational opportunities for the widest cross-section of the population.


…Durango Championships, Sports Club/Recreation Center; Colorado

…NM State Singles/Juniors, Midtown; Albuquerque

…Santa Fe National, El Gancho; Santa Fe

…Kachina Invitational, Fitness Center; Gallup

…Spring Equinox, PLPOA, Pagosa Springs, CO


Quote of the month:

‘Not all storms come to disrupt life; some come to clear a path’

L Rene

PO Box 36179 Albuquerque, NM 87176