President’s Message April 2018

President’s Message for April 2018


Lots of activity going on this month!  First of all, let’s review the results from the Kachina Invitational tournament held April 21 and 22 at the Garcia Fitness Center in Gallup:

Mens Open                Carlos Juarez def Ken Cheshire   2-15, 15-10, 11-8   3rd   Mike Ytuarte    

Mens A                        Daniel Juarez def Jim Gordon   6-15, 15-8, 11-3     3rd  Larry Macias     4th  Rafael Rodriguez

                                        1/4s   Mike Ytuarte, Randy Menapace, Justin Mazon, Derek Bonney

                                        9th  (tie)  Juanita Macias, Malcolm Justice, Dave Hill

Mens B                         Victor Garcia def Justin Mazon  15-12, 15-6     3rd  (tie)  Dave Hill & Derek Bonney

                                        1/4s  Malcolm , Juanita Macias, Mike Ytuarte, Randy Menapace

Mens C                         Tyrone Begay def Tony Hernandez  15-7, 15-5     3rd  Chris Yazzie     4th  Dillon Troncoso

                                        5th  (tie)  Gary Schuster & Ron Silversmith

Mens 50+                    Jim Gordon def Larry Macias  15-12, 15-14     3rd  Victor Garcia     4th  Doug Perea

Open dbls                   Carlos Juarez & Doug Perea def Ken Cheshire & Fran Pawlowski  15-14, 15-0

A dbls                           Dave Hill & Randy Menapace def Derek Bonney & Justin Mazon  15-8, 15-13

Mixed                           Juanita Macias & Fran Pawlowski def Pam Garcia & Victor Garcia  15-8, 15-9


Other News:

                              UPCOMING:     May 4-6                      Pagosa in Spring; PLPOA, Pagosa Springs, CO

                                                         June 14-17                 M & M Classic; Zach’s Club, Lubbock, TX

                                                         June 28-July 1           NM Games (4 disciplines); Midtown, Albuquerque

                                                         July 20-22                  Beautiful Taos Summer; Spa, Taos, NM

                                                        August 28-Sept 1      34th IRF World Seniors; NM Sports & Wellness, Albq.

                                                        January 24-27            Rocky Mountain Paddleball Doubles; Midtown, Albq.

                              INTERNATIONAL SCENE

                                                       …IRF announces Gearbox black is the new official ball.  It was used for

                                                          the first time at the Pan Am Championships (March) in Temuco, Chile.

                                                       …Olympic Channel archiving IRF Championship events—check out the

                                                          action as the Olympic Channel and IRF have a strong relationship.


                              STATEWIDE PLUS

…Lubbock comes on board—NM Racquetball will help host an event

                                                           in this West Texas city for the first time.  Historically, West Texas is

                                                           part of NM Racquetball.  We have held numerous events in El Paso

                                                           and Amarillo.

                                                        …Taos returns—after a five year hiatus, NM Racquetball will hold a

                                                           summer tournament at the Spa in Taos, NM.

                                                        …Ft Bliss again—after a successful inaugural event last December at

                                                           Ft Bliss in El Paso, we will hold a repeat performance this year

                                                           (last week in October).

check out the calendar of events for 2018 and 1st part of 2019

                              LOCAL SCENE

                                                        …MCM Elegante—the host hotel for World Seniors each year.  Identify

                                                           New Mexico Racquetball anytime when traveling through Albuquerque,

                                                           and receive a $72 per night rate; which includes full breakfast.

                                                        …ADIOS UNM COURTS—the University of New Mexico, the largest of the

                                                           state universities, is destroying its eight handball/racquetball courts in June.

                                                           The original set of 4 courts in the old Johnson Gym were transitioned in the

                                                           1990’s to make room for the current set of 8 courts.   The current move is

                                                           being done ‘in the name of progress.’                                                   


Quote of the Day:              ‘Don’t dig up in doubt what you’ve planted in faith’    Anon